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Court Three is a creative led graphic design agency specialising in both design for print and web design. We cover all facets of the creative process from conceptualisation to technical implementation. Our portfolio contains annual reports, brochures, press advertising, web design for websites and online applications, CD-ROM production and social media integration.

Our company is the culmination of a shared boyhood dream. We are two brothers who, as young children, spent all their spare time drawing (or, in Mark's case, playing football as well). All we wanted to do was turn that creative talent into a profession which, back then, was called a commercial artist.

In 1998, having both completed our degrees in Graphic Design, we rented office space in a former squash club where the courts had been converted into office space. As a result, our first office was on court number three of four and Court Three was born. The walls were white (complete with racket scuff marks) and there were even red serving boxes around our desks!

Since 1998, the company has grown to include several other staff members and its turnover, profitability and client list has grown exponentially. We are proud to have some of the world's biggest financial services companies, law firms and insurance groups on our books. Why not contact us to see how we can work with you?

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Daniel Norman

Technical Director

My Tweets have vanished!!

Daniel Norman, Technical Director

Mark Norman

Creative Director

Twitter must be down...

Mark Norman, Creative Director

Ben Warnes

Web Developer

Twitter could do with someone awesome like me to help fix this issue!

Ben Warnes, Web Developer

Daniel Peto

Senior Designer

I agree, Ben could easily solve an issue like this. He is just so great!

Daniel Peto, Senior Designer

Ashton Warren


I miss my Twitter feed :(

Ashton Warren, Designer

Lisa French


I prefer to project my voice loudly instead of Tweeting anyway.

Lisa French, Account Manager