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Court Three has in force a policy committing the Company to conduct its business with respect and care for the environment.

Court Three recognises that world’s resources are not limitless and this, combined with the fact that all industrial processes, including printing, potentially cause the environment harm, is why the company has made care of the environment a key element in all working practices, processes and operating methods. The company accepts a responsibility of care for the environment and has put in place environmentally friendly measures, not just to comply with legislation, but where possible to better what is required.

Court Three does not just pay lip service to environmental matters; it accepts that both manpower and financial resources have to be committed to improving and maintaining good environmental practices. We believe that dealing positively with environmental issues, along with health and safety must be an integral part of all business activities and will have the effect of strengthening our business.

We therefore have an on-going programme of action involving all employees in training and in the debate as how best to improve working practices ensuring a positive outlook towards the environment.

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