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Modern SEO must be built in at the very core of the website’s code. Other “retro-fit” methods can be somewhat effective but white-hat SEO should begin with semantically written HTML.

We call it "Intrinsic SEO". It is important that your domain name is appropriate for your optimisation needs and, ideally, we would look at introducing a service keyword into your domain name to ensure your core service appears therein.

We would look at, of course, optimised and dynamic meta tags (but their importance should not be over estimated). Page titles must be written in plain English and contain the key phrases that describe the content of the page.

URLs should be formatted to be no longer than 75 characters and contain clear phrases that are readable by the human eye - they should not end with file extensions like “.html” or “.aspx”.

The code structure should be descriptive of the page’s content. For example, HTML5’s <header>, <nav>, <article> and <footer> tags should be used in favour of the traditional <div> tags that many sites are based upon.

All visual styling and layout must be controlled via external CSS3 in a bid to make the pages as content rich as possible (in terms of their code structure). It is no longer acceptable to use HTML for structural or layout control. In addition, skilful use of <h1>, <h2> and <h3> tags should be employed to semantically articulate the page’s structure to a web-crawler.

On top of all this, your text should be written to support your SEO strategy. Shorter pages about one or two core subjects will be generally more effective than very long pages covering a range of topics. Headers should be strategically placed and well worded.

The use of external inbound links is also another key part of your SEO endeavours and we would encourage the use of social media to aid you in your quest to build these. Twitter, Linked In, Facebook and BLOGs are all valid examples of external technologies you can use to build an extensive portfolio of inbound links to your site. We would also recommend hosting all of your video files on YouTube and embedding them on the site where required. This will allow your video content to be separately indexed on Google and extend your reach on the internet. In addition, you will benefit from YouTube's video encoding technologies that automatically format video content to be mobile (and iPad) compatible.

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